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some people just come out of nowhere, and stay in your mind like forever. and you spend days wondering how you managed all this time without knowing them… some people make you feel ashamed of not being like them… everyone does bad stuff, but some people seem perfect even with some of the bad things they do. they’re cool like that. and you end up thinking that they’re so cool that you start feeling bad & asking yourself: does he think i’ m cool also? but even when you get to the point of convincing yourself that he does, you start feeling bad again: he may think i’ m cool, but i’ m not as cool as he is. and he knows it. therefore, every « loool » or smile you get from those people, is worth so freaking much, and gives you the illusion of being cool also… for a while. some people say stuff that no one else say, they react a way no one else does… so you, « normal little you », even though you don’t wanna sound girly or corny … you have to admit they’re special. special to the point where you’re like replaying on and on every sentence you heard coming out of their mouth… just like a cool song, never getting tired of it. so you sit there like an idiot, smiling for no reason… no explainable reason, no understandable reason. and other people, the ones that aren’t cool… think you’re crazy. but this time, you don’t give a rat’s ass about what they say. you really don’t. all this because some people… actually taught you how not to care.

yep. and again… you find yourself wondering how you spent all your life not knowing them… even if they don’t get it, even if you cant find a normal way of making them understand that they’re soooo notttt like everyone else… and even if they’ll never think you’re as awesome as you think they are… you’re just happy you met these people & grateful that they can sit and hear the all the nonsense you’re alway saying… without telling you you’re bothering 🙂


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