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so you want to know what’s pathetic? this girl is pathetic… do you want to know why she is pathetic? well, it’s simple. a girl that spends all her time thinking about someone that isn’t thinking about her… hum that’s nothing less than pathetic. not being able to let go, when the person you’re obsessed about doesn’t give a shit… so you sit, you feel bad about yourself. you try to convince yourself you shouldn’t, that there was nothing that was supposed to make you feel that way. why…why the fuck are you making such a big deal about it? yes. you are pathetic… but liking someone is not about being pathetic, it’s about knowing that you are and STILL not caring. and admit it, that’s lame…  oh no but you don’t care, you’re there… in your room, you drank amaretto and your head is spinning. do you care now? you still don’t. you’re starring at your mac’ s white and shinny screen and all these people you on MSN. you don’t care… and you know what’s even more pathetic about your situation: you’re gonna keep all that shit inside… you’re not gonna tell anyone how you really feel. your head is still spinning, your throat is burning you to death, you feel like you’re gonna throw up… you don’t care, and he doesn’t either. he doesn’t even know what your doing… he’s out with his friends. and you’re not blaming him, at all you’re actually very happy for him. you care so much about him that you forget about your head that is spinning, about you wanting to throw up… you care so much about him that you’re not gonna answer to the peeps on MSN… why would you anyways? you know you’re not gonna tell them anything that is true you’re simply gonna reply « Ça va bien et toi? » to all their « Comment vas tu? »s… lies. hypocrisy. all that shit because you don’t have the guts to go and tell somebody… how he makes you feel. you’re sitting there like a naïve little girl and the only thing you can do… is whispering: «i hate him for being him & making me care that much when he doesnt care at all.»… and watch your head spinning…


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