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oh so i saw you today. you used to look cute before… yea, cute like these dudes that girls my age say « Oh il est beau » when they see them. i saw you today… you don’t even look human anymore. you look like a desperate dead thing. why did i even bother saying hi? i even smiled… oh and you smiled too. nothing in your behavior could let people guess all the shit you said behind my back. non justified stuff… only based on what you would like to be true. i was mad… but i saw you today and thought. look at him, no more wife, no more kids, all that keep you alive are those young girls that hang in the streets waiting for people like you, waiting for your money… i was mad, i was thinking. oh the dude doesn’t even know me, he’s not my age, i don’t hang with him… how could he go and assume stuff like that on me..and go tell people? i swear i was mad. but now… all i can do for you is pity you. look at you… seriously. don’t you feel like rewinding everything? don’t you regret all the things you did? obviously you don’t… you are still doing them. and every day that goes by, you look 20 years older. these young girls are just killing you slowly, and yet… you’re the immoral one. doing stuff that 2 years ago i didn’t even know were possible. i guess i grew up, and realized life is not so pink and people just aren’t the way they seem to be. these girls are eating you up… finishing both your money and your life. but i’m still blaming you. you’re the one they should just drop and let die in a prison cell… but that’s not what i wish you. life’s already making you pay your lust overdose, your abusing people’s misery. you know that. i know that. but you still smiled when i waved at you today. and i smiled also. you disgust me… but i smiled. i guess we’re both hypocrites. and yet i still feel that i have the right to scorn you…


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