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South-East Coast. Haiti.


im sick of seeing sad images of my country… as if there was no chance for it to become like that again. that’s something no quake is gonna change… to me, haiti’s always gonna be the prettiest. always…

no quake is gonna change that you’re the only place where freedom means something to me.

no quake can change that you’re the only place i can call home…

im not crazy, i just beleive in you a lot…

i beleive that if we all get together there’s nothing we can’t fix…

because no quake can change the fact that i love you. ❤



  1. the quake can only make you realize how much soome things mean so much to us. and how we should stop worrying about useless things…i love u man i wish i was by ur side to cross this difficult moment…

  2. « Lespwa fè viv »

    The world is with you, Haiti!

  3. Beautiful image, I even don’t think you have to change your attitude towards your own country just because of an earthquake. According to a report on German TV a local radio moderator in Haiti considers the earthquake as a chance, I think that’s the right attitude to have.

    The chance is that you as the younger generation can build up everything according to modern values and your opinions. Sometimes societies tend to cause problems just because modern stuff is not considered.

    I think it is Kosovo where the younger generation is trying to build up their own world at the moment.

  4. Alta alatis brevetto

    (The sky is open to those who have wings)

    You have strong wings, Yael!

  5. Just wanted to chime in and say that I enjoy reading your blog. I’m huge on focusing on the positive…if you go to my blog you’ll see that. Seeing this picture and reading this post was wonderful…. Things will happen, your country will be put back together again, and I just want you to know that you and everyone over there have been in my prayers. Thank you for blogging through this.

  6. —– (sorry, this is the right quote) ——-

    Alta alatis patent

    (The sky is open to those who have wings)

    You have strong wings, Yael!

  7. i love that picture, and kabik. i feel more alive there than anywhere in the world. having seen many of your shots, i have to say this is one of my favorites. stay strong. it’s nice to see you optimistic.

  8. I am from Canada are media here is like that of United States, I am looking around the blogging world for good blogs to give the real truth in Haiti

    This article I seen posted on this site which I came across, is it true. What would you suggest as a good source for info. and what are your thoughts on Aristide to return to power in Haiti/

    I noticed a face book group called Allow Aristide to return to power in Haiti now, is that something the people of Haiti would like.

  9. Haiti is beautiful. You’re righting is beautiful. Please, keep sharing Haiti’s beauty with the world.

  10. And, I meant to see you’re « writing » was beautiful. I was so moved, I couldn’t even come up with the right wording.

  11. Tu me fais pleurer, Yaël. D’émotions mélangées, de chagrin, de nostalgie, d’espoir, de désespoir, de ton amour têtu et inconditionnel pour Haïti. Merci. Tout renaîtra. Tu verras.

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