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it would be obvious for all of them to change or lose their snobby attitude after something like this quake… but no, some people will never change. you’d think that some of them would realize some things after having spent one or two nights sleeping in the streets, that they would stop thinking that they’re worth more then the other haitians. but no, some people never learn anything from any situation. now i shouldn’t be criticizing  the fact im gonna talk about, beeecause i know too much people that are in that stupid situation. but..oh well…

Fact: Parc du souvenir appears to be doing 2500$ funerals… that’s nonsense, since hundreds of thousands of haitians died in the quake. but, there’s nothing no one can say about it, if they want to raise their prices so high. 

Other fact: almost all the dead bodies are being piled up in pits… due to their number. that’s something understandable, there’s nothing to say about it, that’s just called cleaning the streets.

Third fact: SOME PEOPLE, (and there are a lot of them) are actually paying these funerals at that price while the rest of the country is dying of hunger & thirst. what sense does that make? now what i think, is that, they should make them freaking pay more…. pay 90% taxes, make them pay and extra 2000$ for the coffin, pay a 1000$ suit for the body, pay pay pay!! since that’s what they want to do…  hm? how did you feel after the funerals? know that this money could’ve bought food for lots of people… that are alive?! 

now, think what you want, tell me im disrespecting dead people… they… are DEAD! damn it! but that’s not my point, lemme relax a bit… that is not .. my point… at all… On peyi ap mouri grangou, tout bagay kraze ladann, nou supozeman pa gen sink kob pou rekonstwi’l … men ou menm, kòm ou twò ZUZU pou moun mouri’w yo antere menm kote ak lot moun mouri yo, ou pito al peye gwosseu kob saa, aulieu ou investil… ou pito jete’s miami ak piti ou epi bliye te gen on bagay ki rele ayiti? se sa… kite blan an fin konstui peyi a pou ou…apre sa rele musyeu papa… 

the first thing i said when people at my house were talking about he quake is « at least some people are gonna stop being so self centered and will start seeing that there are other haitians living around them. » … apparently… they didn’t.



  1. guess not. its not your fault. again, don’t be so negative. there has to come some good from all this.

  2. Some people always try to make money based upon the misery of others…

  3. HI, i am reading your blog from Canada. Thank you for posting it, and for being so honest.
    It must be so difficult for you down there, i cant even imagine. We watch it on the news and some of the stories are just so tragic.
    love and prayers from Canada.

  4. It probably won’t be clear for a long time, but you will find that you came out stronger than you were before, especially in light of the fact that you appear to have incredible skills of observation and even greater skills in putting those observations to the written word.

    As I said before – keep writing. History is written by those who win, but only truth is written on behalf of those who lose.

    Stay strong, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  5. Hi Yael –

    I work with a citizen media organisation called Global Voices ( Since the beginning of the earthquake we’ve been following what you and others have been saying about the situation on blogs, Twitter etc. and writing about it at I and a colleague have been in Haiti since January 24. For us and for the people who’ve been following our site, the information and commentary you’ve been making available via these channels have formed an invaluable counterpoint to the information in the mainstream media, and we’ve also been excited to see so many Haitian (and Haitian-resident) voices in the mix.

    Up until now the citizen and social media activity in Haiti has been sporadic, at least from our point of view. We’re hoping that the community of people who’ve been writing and commenting on the earthquake continue to do so during the recovery and reconstruction period. According to the UN, the “urgent” phase of the disaster is over and the action had died down. Haiti has already disappeared from the front pages of the world’s major media outlets. The stories we’re going to see in the media, going forward, will likely be focused on what the international agencies are planning for the country, with little reference to how this affects people in Haiti. We’re hoping you’ll be the among those who will keep us informed about what’s going on inside the country, how things are working, what’s going well, what’s not, etc.

    We’d like to support you in continuing to write about the situation by, first of all, promising to read your work and writing about it at Global Voices and encouraging our media partners to do so as well. But we’d also like to know what other kinds of support you need for this to happen, and also to hear your ideas on how we might broaden the scope of the activity.

    Can we meet and/or have a chat? You can call or text me at +1-868-367-1605 or email me at I’m also on Twitter – @georgiap.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Georgia Popplewell

    Managing Director
    Global Voices Online

  6. je te lis, et du fond de ma mémoire, de je ne sais pas où exactement, me vient la phrase: Quand la jeunesse cessera de bouillir, le monde entier mourra de froid. May the Goddess bless you, boiling child. Tu as sans doute raison, dans l’absolu. Mais je suis à l’aube de ma vieillesse, et sans doute tiédie, car mon coeur souffre pour les uns comme pour les autres. Ce qui serait bien, (s’il peut y avoir un ‘bien’ dans les milliers de drames individuels qui se jouent au milieu de la tragédie collective), le minimum acceptable, ça serait que CHACUN de nos frères morts ait une sépulture décente. Mais je n’arrive pas tout à fait à blamer quelqu’un qui peut enterrer ses morts décemment, de vouloir le faire. Mon coeur déchiré se demande: et si c’était ma fille? Mon fils? Si je n’avais pas d’argent pour les enterrer, est-ce que je serais en paix si je les envoyais à la fosse commune, ou est-ce que je m’endetterais jusqu’à la fin des temps? L’amour est une chose totalement insondable. Et ce qui sort de tes mots, blessés comme si on les avait écorchés, comme si tes mots eux-mêmes saignaient, c’est un amour sans fin pour ton pays, pour ceux qui souffrent, et une exaspération sans fin pour toute forme d’injustice. On a besoin de toi, tu as un talent pour dire les choses, pour réveiller les gens, pour les porter à réfléchir, et je suis heureuse et reconnaissante que tu sois en ébullition.

  7. Who are you and where are you from? Your writing… when I read it, it’s the only thing on my mind. That’s difficult to do– make me concentrate like that. I’m just curious about you! I’m in Los Angeles; a bit lonely on a Friday night. Life is strange like that. Maybe I will go meet some new friends. Are you in France? Germany? Wonderful words.


    • Hey 🙂 lol who am i? well i guess the writting says it all… Im a little girl that lives far away from where all the fun is… & im from haiti & lives there… oh lol I soo wishh i could be in france or germany …sigh..

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