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pasta nostra… i remember the day they opened it, francesco, the owner, had decided he’d give us all free pasta, that day. we felt cool didn’t we? we sat at the table, calm as angels, afraid to touch the white tablecloth… then one hour later, when the pasta bolognaise finally came, we couldn’t eat half of it… remember? It’s really not like it was a big deal but at least we were 10 years old, we were happy and knew nothing about nothing… one year after that, yah we were still babies… but we though we were way older, and at that that same restaurant… we were sitting at the same table, waiting for same pasta…playing Ni oui Ni non…Out loud. The parents wouldnt even bother saying shut up. If i only knew how much i was going to miss you, i would’ve never stopped playing… I wouldn’t have gone home… I wouldve kidnapped you. If i knew that the year after… you’d be gone… For four years ive been going to that restaurant… sitting at that same table, remembering the time where we were kids. I cried once… Yah… I’m not even ashamed of saying it… I could hear our voice paying that stupid Ni Oui Ni non game… « Tu as perduu!! Tu as di Oui… Non, c’est toi qui a dit oui… Regarde!! Tu viens de dire non… Hahaha »… Yah i could hear our voice in my head. I didnt even order, i just wanted to sit… Yesterday… i was passing by that same exact restaurant, as i do every time i go out. There was a huge truck in front of it, they were putting all the table in it, all the chairs, all the bottles, everything… You left, The restaurant left. All i have left is memories… I miss you so much.


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  1. Memories.
    They hurts so much, but they’re all we have, right now.

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