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Monthly Archives: juin 2010

She told you she was in pain, but you kept on walking away from her as if you hadn’t heard her. She followed you & said it again “it’ hurts”… You didn’t give two shits about it… Was it a smile she saw on your face? Since when did your Goodbye kisses become Handshakes? A small joke… It was just a small stupid freaking joke…She thought since you were always the one turning everything into a joke… That she had the total right to joke too… But girl… that’s just how rude boys play. She’ll pretend it doesn’t hurt. She’ll pretend the scar won’t stay. She’ll pretend you didn’t hurt her… But…she thinks it’d be better if you left your ego home next time you come & visit… if you ever come & visit again.


Some problems are there to remind you that at the end you’re totally on your own against the world. Everyone cares about small problems, every one’s there to help. so you feel loved… but then big problems come. So you go to the same people… And only one or two are there to help. that’s why it all feels like in a lily allen song to know there’s someone who cares… that even when most people only laugh at what makes me cry, when i sit on this fucking wall starring at my contact list realizing that not even one of all these names is gonna give a shit… but then you call. and even tho you laugh too, and i hang up because i want more attention, i know you’re gonna call back… and you do. and you’re still laughing and instead of being pissed again, i end up laughing too. But it’s stupid, it’s childish, it’s exactly like in this girly movies or quotes where they say « You’re the only one who makes me smile »…. i won’t say it, first because it’s kitsch; second, because you’re probably gonna think im silly at me if i tell you that. so no… no im not gonna tell you that you make me smile…